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well, I have some content for this blog after all.
The Digimon Reference Book just revealed Jupitermon, the newest member of the Olympus Twelve, officially bringing their number to 10.
Only two members of the group remain unrevealed! Exciting!

well, I have some content for this blog after all.

The Digimon Reference Book just revealed Jupitermon, the newest member of the Olympus Twelve, officially bringing their number to 10.

Only two members of the group remain unrevealed! Exciting!

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The Digimon for May 1st, 2013 is Panjyamon!


Panjyamon | Level: Perfect/Ultimate | Beast Man Digimon | Attribute: Vaccine

Family: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters

A Beast Man Digimon of proud justice. In order to defend justice, some Leomon train day after day, and in the freezing lands of the Digital World’s Icy Snow Area, this one acquired power over the cold and its form evolved. By being in the cold, it tempered its mighty will and body, and they cannot be broken by any attack. Its Special Move is firing a fist packed with cold air (Hyoujūken).

- Digimon Reference Book translation credit to Wikimon

Did you know that…?

  • Panjamon’s name is a reference to Panja, the father of Leo from Jungle Emperor Leo, which is known in the west as Kimba the White Lion.
  • The dub of Digimon Frontier refers to Panjyamon as “IceLeomon”, but Bandai of America retains his original name.
  • Panjyamon is, of course, a “recolor” of Leomon.
  • Panjyamon made its debut in Digimon World, but the method to acquire him is only available through the use of a cheating device.
  • Panjamon’s attacks are “Hyoujūken”, which translates to “Ice Beast Fist”, and “Reikikou”, which translates to “Cold Qigong.” A “Qigong” is a a Chinese practice relating to aligning breathing movement in accordance with one’s chi. He also has the techniques “Full Heal”, “Jūouken”, which he shares with Leomon and translates to “Beast King Fist”, “Zan Ei Hanten Geki”, which means “Shadow Rolling Attack”, and “Reikikou Hazan”, or “Cold Qigong Rip-Slash.”
  • Panjyamon has an X-Antibody version, which will be covered separately at a later date.
  • In the Digimon Frontier dub, IceLeomon’s voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter, who had portrayed Leomon in the dub of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers.

Notable Roles

Panjyamon first appears in Digimon V-Tamer 01, as the evolved form of Leo the Leomon, who attained that form at some point off-screen. He spends the rest of the series in this form, until evolving into Regulumon.

In Digimon Frontier, Panjyamon is one of the many digimon trapped inside Sefirotmon, and is the guardian of said digimon’s ice area. Though normally a digimon with a just heart, he challenged Agnimon and ended up defeated.

Read more about Panjyamon at:

The Digimon for April 30th, 2013 is Dobermon!


Dobermon | Level: Adult/Champion | Beast/Demon Beast Digimon | Attribute: Vaccine, Virus

Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits

A Hunter Digimon that was originally a Virus Digimon, but was converted to a Vaccine by a mutation. Similar to Snimon, despite being called a Vaccine it is a ferocious Digimon that exists solely for hunting Virus Digimon, and it can’t be controlled by an ordinary Tamer. Its Special Moves are a howl that seals the opponent’s abilities (Grau Lärm), and a black beam that pierces the opponent’s body and destroys its Digicore (Schwarz Strahl).

- Digimon Reference Book translation credit to Wikimon

Did you know that…?

  • Dobermon’s name is derived from the dog breed known as the dobermann pinscher, which is more commonly known simply as the doberman.
  • Dobermon’s attacks are German for “Grey Noise” (Grau Lärm) and “Black Beam” (Schwarz Strahl).
  • Dobermon’s profile mentioning that it was once a Virus digimon is a reference to the fact that Dobermon’s original card in the Digimon card game was classified as Virus, before all subsequent cards classified it as Vaccine.
  • Dobermon has a X-Antibody version, which will be covered separately at a later date.
  • Dobermon is one of numerous digimon who were created by fans. In particular, it is the winning entry in the 2001 Suueisha Books Digimon Design contest, for which the prize was having the winner’s design become an official design and for it to appear in the anime series.

Notable Roles

Dobermon’s first notable role was in Digimon Tamers, where, alongside the mysterious Alice McCoy, he came to deliver the ability for the main characters and their digimon to Matrix Evolve in the real world. Ultimately, Dobermon had to sacrifice himself in order to do this, but later on, he partially manifested himself in order to give a final farewell to Alice before the both of them mysteriously vanished.

In Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms, a number of Dobermon comprised the Death General Apollomon’s army of “God Beasts”.

Finally, in Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leap Through Time, Dobermon appears as the partner of the Hunter Mashimo Hideaki. Her he is seen as a quiet, but dutiful digimon notable for its speed. This Dobermon is portrayed as being much smaller than in previous anime appearances, and has blue eyes instead of red.

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The Digimon for April 29th, 2013 is Swimmon!

Swimmon | Level: Child/Rookie | Tropical Fish Digimon | Attribute: Vaccine

Family: Deep Savers

A Tropical Fish Digimon with a brightly colored body. It inhabits and forms schools within the warm coral reefs right below the equator. Using its large fins, it is able to fly above the ocean’s surface for short periods, and the sight of a school of Swimmon elegantly flying about the surface of the ocean is counted as one of the Digital World’s three most scenic views. The scales that cover the surface of Swimmon’s body have the special characteristic of matching their coloring to the colors of their surroundings, and in case it is attacked by a gigantic aquatic Digimon, it is possible for it to camouflage itself to escape difficulty. Its Special Moves are cutting the opponent to pieces with its fins (Slash Fin), and firing off from its mouth the water that it inhaled through its gills (Brine Pistol).

- Digimon Reference Book translation credit to Wikimon

Did you know that…?

  • Swimmon’s name is derived from the english word “swim.” Conceptually, it is based on the many kinds of tropical fish in the world.
  • Swimmon’s attacks consist solely of the two mentioned in its profile, “Slash Fin” and “Brine Pistol.”
  • Swimmon made its debut in the “Digimon Accel - Nature Genome” virtual pet.
  • Swimmon is the only known “Tropical Fish” digimon in existence.

Sadly, Swimmon has not had any major roles since its debut, appearing only in virtual pets and various card games.

The Digimon Focus for April 27th, 2013 is the Chaos Generals!

Premiering in Digimon World 2, the Chaos Generals are ChaosSeadramon, Chaos Piemon, and Chaos Greymon, a group of uniquely colored versions of MetalSeadramon, Piemon, and WarGreymon. They are led by Chaos Lord, a red-colored Digimon resembling Mugendramon, and are part of a group called the Blood Knights, who serve as the main antagonists of the game. After being defeated, they are combined with a Tamer named Crimson, transforming him into Neo Crimson.

Like their normal counterparts, the Chaos Generals’ attacks are “Ultimate Stream”, “Trump Sword”, and “Gaia Force.” Chaos Lord, meanwhile, has the attack “Chaos Cannon”, and Neo Crimson’s attacks are “Double Edge”, “Giga Blaster”, and “Poison Smash” - the latter of of which are, for some reason, taken from HerakleKabuterimon and Mushmon, rather than any of the digimon that comprise him.

Since Digimon World 2, the Chaos Generals have been all but forgotten. However, they live on in small ways. Chaos Lord was the template for the digimon Chaosdramon, and he is also similar to Hi-Mugendramon from Digimon Xros Wars. Meanwhile, ChaosPiemon made a surprise cameo as the “Burst Mode” evolution of Piemon in Digimon Masters! There, his attacks are “Trump Sword”, “Trump Sword II”, and “Mask’s Square”.

In the dub, their names are ChaosMetalSeadramon, ChaosPiedmon, and ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The latter is something of a minor misnomer, as ChaosGreymon is a Vaccine type like WarGreymon, not a virus type.

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The Digimon for April 25th, 2013 is Aegisdramon!


Aegisdramon | Level: Ultimate/Mega | Cyborg Digimon | Attribute: Vaccine

A subspecies of Digimon born from the fusion of a Plesiomon with Seadramon-species data. It is said that its shining figure, clad in golden armor, will purify all evil. Its Special Move “Shine Breaker”, in which it simultaneously fires concentrated bombardments of shining energy and bombardments of scorching energy at the target, from all the cannons on its body, completely annihilates the target with the gigantic explosion of super-destructive energy produced from the fusion of the two types of energy at the point of convergence of all the bombardments. That explosion releases a glistening, golden flash, causing you to feel its terrifying power while also sensing its divinity at the same time.

- Digimon Story: Lost Evolution translation credit to Wikimon

Did you know that…?

  • Aegisdramon’s name is derived from the greek word “Aegis”, which refers to either “the protection offered by a high religious authority”, or “the holder of a shield signifying the same”, as well as the English word “dragon”.
  • Aegisdramon’s attacks are “Tera Hydro Breath” and “Shine Breaker.”
  • Aegisdramon made its debut in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, the fourth game in the Digimon World DS series, which to date has not been released in America.
  • Due to not appearing in any media outside of video games, Aegisdramon does not belong to any existing family. However, given its profile, we’d guess that it’d be one of the Deep Savers.

Notable Roles

Aegisdramon’s sole role has been in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, where it first appeared as part of a quest that had to be unlocked via a password. After completing the quest and reviving Aegisdramon, one could find wild Aegisdramon in the game, as well as evolve a Plesiomon into one after meeting certain requirements.

Read more about Aegisdramon:

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